Midal Cables Mozambique
Aluref South Africa in conjunction with Calderys SA successfully completed the Demolishing and Rebuild of the 55 Ton Holding Furnace at Midal Cables Mozambique. It was demolished well within the schedule, the rebuild was completed and handed over with in the schedule time line, There Zero Safety Incidents.

Hillside Aluminium (2010 – present)
Aluref has been responsible for the site wide refractory maintenance contract at Hillside Aluminium in Kwa Zulu-Natal since 2010. Aluref has successfully completed the Hillside Internal Flue wall rebuild which started in March and ended in November.

The number of walls built was at an average 48 walls per month. Our highly skilled workforce exceeded the target with maximum being 57 installed in a calendar month.

We are currently in the process of now starting with the external walls replacement on Hillside Furnace 3 and replacement of fluewalls in Furnace 2.

Hillside Pot Recovery Project
Aluref was involved in the Pot Recovery Project at Hillside of 257 pots. After potmining and lancing the pots could be restarted.

Aluref is currently responsible for the general maintenance (cleaning), Delining and Relining of the Metal and Bath Ladles for Hillside Aluminium

This Hillside Aluminium contract has required us to do all the refractory and related services in the following departments:
  • Reduction
  • Delining and Aluminum Metal Cutting
  • Potlining (Including consumable material supply)
  • Cathode Sealing
  • Metal and Bath Ladle Relining (Including refractory material supply)
  • Casthouse
  • Casthouse launder maintenance and replacement
  • Lttv Launder maintenance
  • Furnace Door replacements
  • Holding Furnace maintenance repairs
  • Carbon
  • Day to day refractory maintenance
  • Flue Wall Building and replacement
  • Induction Furnace relining

Bayside Aluminium – (Before it was decommissioned)
Bayside Carbon Rebuild Project Aluref is currently underway with the Rebuild of the Carbon Bake Furnace at Bayside Aluminium, which will run over a two- year period. Aluref will be building this furnace insitu and also installing partial head wall pillars.
  • Day to day refractory maintenance
  • Flue Wall building and replacement

Hulamin Aluminium
  • Cleaning of slag on hoding furnace
  • Launder Break outs and Replacements
  • Repairs to Holding Furnace - Using the Brokk
  • Induction Furnace - Repair and Reline

Clarient - Richards Bay
  • Incinerator Repairs and Reline
  • Gas Ducts design and install material
  • Train Trolley - Recast
  • Furnace Hood (Break and Recast)

Engineering Top Tech
  • Mozal - LTTV Launder Reline